It’s been a strange week without the Wall! But life goes on and so do we!

David’s gone to Dorset with Vic to have a post Wall holiday and I’ve returned to the normal training regime at the Sands and the Sheepmount!

However, I got a shock when I looked at the blog statistics, like the geek that I am (in an ‘unbeard’ way). Anyway, here’s why:-

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us, either with a donation or in other ways.

Special thanks to the following:-

  • David (Dick) for planning everything and for a lifetime of melding strangeness and vermooten
  • Jo Beattie for organising the PR and helping our mutant mugs find a way to ‘reach and teach’
  • Stu ‘Wasp’ Windsor for pushing me to leave my comfort zone and get fitter

And if you fancy making a late donation, here’s the link:

Isn’t it!