Is this the promised end?

We shall not cease from exploration…have we known the place for the first time?

Well it’s over, and what an action-packed week it’s been; we’ve overcome injury, shocking weather and the odd badly packe…badly signed path. And hats have to be doffed for Andrew Storey aka Stoz aka Yickoo Sometimes for having the necessary self-belief and self-motivation to run almost all of this enterprise single-handed (if one ran on one’s hands ha ha zzzz).
Today began early with taking two cars to Bowness-on-Solway then on to the Civil Centre, where we paid a visit to Mr Mayor. And most encouraging Mr Barry Earp proved to be! A few kind words, a few snaps and we were on our way, starting from the site of one of the most realistic cinematic robberies with violence, under Eden Bridge. Stoz set off like an unpolished rocket, and, perhaps spurred by his spurt, or his Sprouts, or summat, I decided to test the knee by jogging for the first mile. I was dressed appropriately, Sprouts at the ready and lightly backpacked; the first mile was pain-free so I carried on…and on…and on. Soon the realisation dawned that I could at least end this thing as I started, as we intended: by running. I know I’m overdramatising somewhat, but it meant something that I was able to run this final stretch, after 4 days of mundane walking.