Today proved to be a challenging one, not least due to the residual water that has accumulated from the past couple of days heavy rain!

We’d already run this one when training, so I knew where I was going and where the particularly difficult bits were. However, I hadn’t bargained on some of the flooded areas that were going to confront me.

This certainly broke up the run as it simply wasn’t possible to run through these areas, I had to stop and negotiate a way round of sorts!

I was surprised at my energy levels but I needed every ounce as this is a long run of 17 miles that I divided into phases of ‘pre’ and ‘post’ Brampton to help me judge the distances I’d covered.

The weather improved the closer I got to Carlisle which was a real bonus, even allowing me to take off the waterproof. Once I got to Crosby on Eden I knew I was nearly home and it was a wonderful feeling.

By this stage my legs were starting to get quite tired and ‘heavy’ but the prospect of getting home kept me going and after a slowish phase my pace increased again.

Hitting Rickerby Park and I knew I had another mile to go, so I took my time and savoured the feelings of elation as I finally reached my destination of Eden Bridges.

It is really odd starting each leg with Daoud and then going our separate ways via different ‘means’. Not part of the plan at all, but we’ve managed to find a way that works. Daoud has completed every mile, as have I and, in some ways, it must have been a lot harder.

A lot of ‘lesser’ people would have given up, but he hasn’t and has turned in some amazing times for speed walking without a speed mouth (tribute to our lost fwend, the legend that is ‘S’)

And for me, his presence and participation has been a real source of inspiration when ‘running on empty’. Without it, this experience would have been much harder!