Rain yesterday and rain today. Rain forecast for the morn and all. We are now proofed against the wet, come fall rain it matters not a jot. Would be nice if we had a bit of sun before the end though but (to use a bit o’ Geordie, y’knaa)

Thursday saw us catch the AD122 at the Courts and via a somewhat circuitous route the bus fetched up at Once Brewed an hour and twentyfour mins later with me getting a mite impatient with the pensioners who did not appear to have the right change. I was on a tight schedule. Topics of conversation on the bus included the concepts of the camel toe and the badly packed kebab.

Anyhoo, as Andrew went to micturate I sallied forth, knowing he would soon be overtaking me, fleet of foot that he is. He is of corpse running whereas I have to ambulate as well as I can. I had with me today my trusty Leki walking pole, for ease of movement and to skewer any ‘Nuts in May’ couples, retired headmistresses with grating voices, or pillocks with Stetson-style ‘Drizabone’ headgear.  That tight schedule: I had 2 hours and 42 minutes to walk the 9.7 miles to Birdoswald, so I could catch the 13.37 bus back yam. I will not bore you with the details, but I did it with 7 minutes to spare (and it was 9.9 miles) Rockin’ good news. As I can’t run, I am setting myself daily targets; tomorrow, however, I am just going to amble, saunter and stroll as I have no bus to catch. It’s also the longest leg (17+ miles) and I’ve got a blister coming on.

Undulations, quagmire and cowpats were the order of the day today. Andrew is on tiptop form with the running and seems to be taking it all in his stride. I am a mite jealous as we are both supposed to be running, but, as the Arabs say, malesh (never mind, not to worry)