We are now following Plan B of necessity. My poorly knee: I ‘kneed’ direction. Stoz the Intrepid is flying solo, giving me a 9o minute start today and enabling me to attempt to solve one of those old-fashioned mathematical problems: if one man leaves Heddon on the Wall at 08.25, travelling at 3.65 miles an hour for the first hour and 3.63 miles an hour for the second, and another man leaves at 09.45, travelling at an average of 6.14 miles an hour, at what time will they meet?

I was quite happy for the first 3 hours or so (Stoz drew level at about 12.00) but then the descents became, shall we say, problematic. I was even walking backwards at one stage, and not for Christmas. 16 miles later, Chollerford was reached after 4hr 55 mins of walking, and I was very glad to see my sister Lindsay and my nephews Rory and Jamie. One relaxing bath later, I continue to recuperate, and Stoz has gone into Hexham for some Deep Heat and a tubular bandage.

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