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Dick Graham, circa 1987

Return of the Max! Return of the Max! In 1986 I made the frankly bonkers decision not to have a wigbash during my first year in Spain. On my return to Blighty in the summer of 1987, I looked less like the Robert de Niro character in The Mission (the look I may have been going for) and more like Max Wall. My friends showed no mercy.

The Wall in question now is Hadrian’s! I am back, brother. 11 miles this morning, from Heavenfield to Halton Shields (and back), a running reconnaissance this time. Rolling Northumberland countryside to one side, North Pennines to the other. A fine, energising workout means, I repeat, WE ARE BACK, and Objective H6in6 is back in our sights!

Remember to give on


Well we’re back!!

Ok so just a quick post to say we’re back on track for the run! Tomorrow we’re going to do a long one on the wall, so it will be interesting to see how we fare. We’ll both be wearing the funky sprouts of choice on our hooves so come back 2moro for further tales of the unknown and unknowable! It ain’t nothin if it ain’t happenin’; isn’t it